Webperf ratings for blogs of Optimizely MVPs

I've mashed up my open source project Record Collector with the great Webperf Core test routine.

Webperf Core is a Python based project that has put together various test tools and services. The tests can run in GitHub Actions and the friendly people building it, who also run the popular Webperf.se site, have put together a 1 to 5 rating calculation and common report format making it easy to compare results.

I previously created another leaderboard project for Webperf Core leaning on their SQLite database and that used Blazor Server but I've had the idea for a while to instead generate the leaderboard as static pages...

The static site generator I know best is my own and the recent addition of GitHub Action regression tests in Webperf Core helped me out a lot.

The YAML steps involved should help you see how it's set up.

Take a look at the generated OMVP blog leaderboard site and put some stars on our GitHub repositories if you start using it for your sites!

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