OWIN authentication on older Episerver sites

Many have been looking forward to the built-in support for Federated Security in EPiServer which is currently Beta released. In a recent case there was no time to wait and I came up with a workaround that could be used in older EPi versions as well.

UPDATE: I would now accomplish this using something like this OIDC client from scratch example.

Here's me asking about federated login at EPiServer World and I'd also setup a working instance of the mentioned AzureAdSamples' WebApp-OpenIDConnect-DotNet MVC app quite some time ago.

In the case in question there were no problems managing roles locally. They just wanted a way of utilizing a user's Azure login to get inside the EPiServer intranet in question.

I added some simple redirects and a shared data layer and got this "bridge" type of concept working between EPi and the MVC app.

Here's a sketchy sketch of how it ended up.


Published Friday 3 October 2014 11:17 and tagged with these categories: Episerver, ASP.NET


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