Issues when upgrading to Episerver CMS 6 R2

CMS 6 R2 has been around for a while and I have completed a bunch of upgrades. There are a lot of issues that might or might not affect the site you are upgrading.

I've bookmarked and used Stefan Forsberg's blog post as my check list. This is some of the same information and some other notes.

Critical and Evil

These are issues I've had where upgrade procedure goes through fine and dandy and that you then might miss when testing.

Patch the "fetch data" SQL-script bug

You must replace one of the SQL-files inside your machine's EPiServer Program Files-directory. Otherwise pages where shortcuts are specified can break.

Fix your own URL Rewriter

If you have a URL Rewriter that inherit EPiServer.Web.FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider you need to add a TryConvertToInternal() override.

Turn off the new Auto-save feature

There is a bug that might give you a plain white page in editmode with the message {"saved":false,"pageLink":x_x"} when clicking Save and publish. The bug is confirmed so it's wise to disable the feature until the bug is completely fixed.

<siteSettings autoSaveInterval="0:0:0" />

Deployment Center fails

Replace ImageVault 64-bit DLL's with 32-bit while upgrading

If your site is using ImageVault and run in a 64-bit environment you need to temporarily replace the DLL's inside the \bin\Leadtools. You can find these files by downloading your version's 32-bit installer from Meridium and just unpacking it using a ZIP-program.

This is caused by Deployment Center running in 32-bit mode and needs to be able to startup and run the project without exceptions inside itself (not sure on the specifics here).

A similiar error message can show it's ugly face if your site is running .NET Framework 4.0.

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