Error code 8004402f installing Vista Service Pack 2

I was unable to install Vista Service Pack 2 but after a number of tries finally found what the problem was.

Setup went through all the steps but while in Step 3 it started rolling back the installation. Once back in SP1 Vista an alert with the message "Installation was not successful" and the error code 8004402f was shown.

After trying a lot of suggestions it turns out that the problem cause was a change I had made to the Environent Variables. I had put the temp folders on a drive which was not available directly at Windows start. Changing them back to a path on C: did the trick and I'm now running SP2.

System Properties screenshot

Published Thursday 9 July 2009 22:00 and tagged with these categories: Windows, Troubleshooting


  1. mesut Saturday 13 March 2010 13:46

    Hi, i have this error too.And i tried this way but it did not solve my problem i am still getting this error code 8004402F.

  2. Author Comment Saturday 13 March 2010 21:10

    Hi mesut! I just describe what my problem was. If you know that you don't do any weird stuff with your drives and volumes (in my case I was using TrueCrypt volumes that weren't mounted until after login) the solution for you is most likely something completely different.

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